Precision Gunsmithing

Pistol Work

Action Work

Fit Ambidextrous Safety
Extended Slide Stop

Bevel Magazine Well

Lower Ejection Port

Beavertail Grip Safety

Fit Slide to Frame

Match Bushing

Fit Combat Ejector

Install Guide Rod Assembly
Fit Barrel

Throat & Polish Feed Ramp

Barrel Throated, Polished & Re-crowned, Fit Ejector, Polish Feed Ramp and Adjust & Polish Extractor


Rifle Work

Action Blueprinting

Barrel Fluting

Muzzle Break

Trigger Work

Pillar Bedding

Stock Repair

National Match Bedding

Tactical Bolt Knob

AR Upper Receiver

Tactical Sights


Revolver Work

Action/Trigger Jobs       From $150 - $250

Chamfer Cylinder Chambers

Re-Time Cylinder

Polish Chambers

Re-Cut Forcing Cone

Barrel Set Back

Fit New Barrel

Remove Cylinder End Shake

Re-chamber Cylinder

Re-crown Barrel

Install Red Ramp

Install Trigger Stop

Smooth Trigger

Bob Hammer

Fit Cylinder

Fit S/A Grip Frame

Remove Legal Paragraph

Chamfer Face Of Cylinder Black Powder Style

Finish Center

Electroless Nickel Plating

Color Case Hardening


Teflon® Finish

14k Gold Inlay


  • Bead Blasted 
  • Factory Blue
  • QPR Black Diamond® High Luster Blue